Company Capability Statement

With a commitment to providing Powerline solutions to exceed client requirements, L & M Powerline Constructions Pty Ltd specialise in all facets of overhead and underground powerline construction including survey, design, construction, and maintenance.

L & M Powerline Constructions maintain a comprehensive fleet of mine site compliant plant and equipment, and with our Main Depot based in Clermont, we are ideally located to service the mines in Central and North Queensland.

Our staff are highly motivated, experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in all of our services and have the commitment to help you get the job done right first time, every time.

Our Quality, Safety, and Environmental standards are maintained at the highest possible level through rigorous application of the policies and procedures of our Integrated Management System (NACE CODES: 4321).

L & M Powerline Constructions reputation in the Mining Sector has grown over the years and the relationships we have established during this period have enhanced our standing within the mining community.

We offer a relationship based on integrity, fairness and a desire to work together to successfully complete any project that we are engaged on.

We believe that our understanding and acceptance of Cultural Heritage, Safety and Environmental values ensure that we have no conflict in these areas. The company has a strong respect for the Traditions and needs of Local Land Holders and is concerned with the protection and upholding of their values. Our experience in this area ensures harmonious and productive relations with all stakeholders.

Our working relationship with – Rio Tinto Coal Australia (RTCA), BHP/Billiton, BMA, BMC, Peabody Mining, Glencore/Xstrata, Arrow Energy and other Mining and Gas Companies, has been built up over the past 20yrs, due to our level of commitment towards customer satisfaction.

We have undertaken and successfully completed projects at Hail Creek Coal Mine, Kestrel Mine, Moranbah Gas Project, Blair Athol Mine, Clermont Coal Mine, Gregory and Crinum Mines, Millennium Mine, South Walker Creek, Ulan Mine (Hunter Valley NSW), Caval Ridge, Rolleston Mine, Newlands Mine, Collinsville Mine   Santos Gas Roma, Warwick Solar Farm, etc. Details of some these projects are listed below.

We are very particular in what projects we will undertake. Over the years, we have developed a good base of suppliers and providers for all of our required line material components.

We have associations with several helicopter companies whom we have used numerous times and are always available to assist whenever the need arises.

Our design engineers are always available and have a wealth of experience to assist and resolve any design and construction issues that arise from time to time.

Project History

Visionstream Australia – Involved in the “Make Ready” of approx. 450 Poles on the Energex network, in preparation for Cable TV Construction. Works involved Pole Replacement, retensioning of LV & HV Mains, Raising/Lowering S/L’s, Cross-arm replacement, Installation of Framing bolts and all associated works. (2001)

Hail Creek Coal Mine – (Rio Tinto) Initial Works consisted of the following – 16km’s construction of 66kV OHL’s, 9.8km’s of 11kV OHL’s, 2.2km’s of 11kV U/G Trenching, Conduiting, Cabling, Testing and Terminating, Project Commissioning. (2002 – 2004)

Moranbah Gas Project – Stages 1 to 4 – (CH4) Construction of 87 km’s of 11kV OHL’s, including the installation of 70 x 2 & 3phase Pole Mtd Transformers, installation of U/G LV Mains to LV Switchboards. (2004 – 2006)

Crinum East Mine – (BMA) Construction of 66kV OHL’s into Mine, installation of Double Circuit 11kV OHL’s, 11kV OHL’s into Box-cut Portals, Installation of 11kV Drop Cables over Highwall into Box-cut, recovery of existing Gregory Mine 66kV OHL’s.(2006)

Gregory Mine – (BMA) Installation of 11 km’s of ADSS Aerial Fibre Optic Cable, Testing and Terminating – linking Gregory, Crinum and Crinum East Mines together. (2006)

Gregory Mine – (BMA) Relocation of 9.5km’s of 66kV OHL’s onto new alignment. (2006)

Hail Creek Expansion Project – (RTCA) Construct an additional 4.5 km’s of 66kV OHL’s, Reconstruction of 3km’s of 11kV OHL’s, Installation of an additional 100 rooms at the Village c/w all UG services. (2006)

Moranbah Gas Project – (Arrow Energy) The installation of over 250k km’s of 11kV Overhead and Underground Reticulation, including the installation of approx. 240 x 11kV Pole Mounted Transformers,  installation of Low Voltage Cabling, Conduiting and all associated electrical works to the pumps. (2006 – 2007)

Kestrel Mine – (RTCA) Installation of 3km’s of 11kV OHL’s to Underground Mine Vent Fans (2007)

Middlemount Coal Mine – (Contractor to Sedgmens) Installation of 11kV Powerlines to MIA and Pumps. Including 500m of 11kV Underground Trenching, Conduiting and Cable Installation. (2007)

Clermont Coal Mine Project – (RTCA) Construction of 20km’s of 66kV O/H Mine-pit Feeder Line, Construct 10.5km’s of 11kV O/H Distribution Reticulation (MIA), install 2km’s of HV & Comm’s Conduiting, Pits, etc, Construction of 66kV/11kV Temp. Switchyard, Construction of the 66/11kV Main Switchyard inc. all pier boring, concreting, steel erection, landing spans installation, Earth Grid, Fencing and all other associated works. Assist with Polyline Welding approx. 22 km’s, Various concreting works undertaken on-site including the Admin Building Slab, Services Pits, Explosives Dump Slab, various Plant hire to other contractors. (2006 – 2009)

Kestrel Mine Extension Project – (RTCA) Construction of 2km’s of 11kV OHL’s, Installation of 450m of 11kV U/G Cable including Cable Testing & Terminating, Pad preparation, earthing and Installation of 4 x Kiosk Type Transformer Pads, Earth mat installation, Installation of 12 x U/G HV Cable Terminations, installation of all required signage and warning balls, Installation of 66kV/11kV Temporary Substation. (2008)

Blair Athol Mine – (RTCA) Supply, installation and commissioning of approx. 3km’s O/H & U/G Fibre Optic lines for 11kV upgrade from Admin to Wash plant and Train Load out. (2008)

Millennium Mine – (Peabody Mining) Reconstruction of approx. 500m of 11kV OHL Reticulation to 11kV Underground Reticulation including 2 x Haul Road Under crossing’s including Trenching, Conduiting, Cable Installation, Testing & Terminating. (2010)

Millennium Mine – (Peabody Mining) Construction of 15km’s of 66kV OHL’s with 2 x 66kV Haul Road Under- ground Crossing’s and 3 x 66kV Stub-lines into the pit, installation of 66kV ABS’s at the Tee-offs. (2010)

Clermont Mine – (RTCA) Relocation of 2 x 66kV- 6.6kV Transportable Sub Stations complete with 66kV ABS’s, Earth Mats and OHL’s & F/O Cables. (2011)

Norwich Park – (BMA – Sunwater) Upgrading and Replacement of 52 x 66kV Poles from Timber poles to Concrete poles. (2011)

South Walker Creek Mine – (BMC) Construction of 8.5km’s of 66kV OHL Pit Feeder with 6 x Stub Lines complete with 6 x 72.5kV ABS’s and recovery of 6km’s of redundant 66kV OHL’s. (2012)

Bedford West Pump Stn: – (BMA – Sunwater) Construction of 22kV Double Circuit Feeder Lines to Pump Station including Trenching and conduit installation of 2 x 1.4km’s of 22kV Underground cable, 2 x 22kV Recloser’s, ABS’s and Pole Transformers. (2012)

Ulan Mine – NSW: – (Essential Energy/Glencore) The replacement of 30km’s of 66kV Overhead Feeder from Ulan Mine to the Beryl Substation, in central NSW through to Ulan Mine on an Essential Energy asset. This project involved the replacement of 187 Timber poles with Steel Poles and Conductor upgrade using OPGW and NEON Conductors. (2013)

Hail Creek Coal Mine – (Rio Tinto) Construction of 12km’s 66kV OHL Pit Feeder c/w 12 x 66kV ABS’s for 6 x Pit Tee offs and the recovery of 9km’s of redundant 66kV OHL’s. (2014)

Rolleston Coal – (Glencore) Construction / Radial extension of the 66kV Pit Feeder backbone and runs along Ramp 2A to the west. The extension incorporates two timber construction stublines, one to the North to supply a sub site at Spring Creek and the second to the south to supply a sub site at Boots West. (2015)

Northern NSW Networks – (Transelect/Essential Energy) Reconstruction of existing 11kV rural networks. (2015 – 2017)

Rolleston Coal Mine – (Glencore) Excavation of mass concrete footings, placing of foundation cages, concreting and finishing off of foundations and installation of 4 x 40m steel communication towers (5 x piece). (2017)

Caval Ridge Mine(BHP Billiton) – Caval Ridge Southern Circuit (CRSC) Project – Modifications to existing 11kV overhead lines to feed the new CRSC Overland Conveyor and infrastructure, supply and installation of 8.5km’s of 11kV OHL extension – consisting of the installation of 60 x 21.5m/60kN Concrete poles, Phosphorous conductor  and Double Circuit OPGW Aerial Earth, to reach the new substation (SS-101) located at the South ROM, supply and installation of 11kV power to new substation (SS-112) located at the head end of the overland conveyor, requiring installation of Recloser’s, Capacitor and 1200A ABS’s, removal of 11kV O/H line and modifications and extensions to the existing fibre optic network on the existing overhead lines.(2017 – 2018)

Clermont Mine – (Glencore) – SN101 66kV Stublines Installation – SN101 66kV Transportable Substation Relocation and reconstruction of the 66kV OHL Pit Feeder, installation of Transportable Substation Earthmat and Installation of 11kV/LV U/G & OHL to Blast Facility. (2018)

Clermont Mine – (Glencore) – 2018 HV Shutdown – 66kV & 11kV HV Overhead Line Maintenance                             66kV Pole replacements, 66kV and 11kV Crossarm replacements and CCTV Camera Replacement. (2018)

Darling Downs Solar Farm – (RCR) – Installation of 33kV – 275kV Switchyard Overhead Lines.

Installation of Dual Circuit 33kV to 275kV Switchyard Aerials, Bridging to VT’s, CT’s and Switches (2018)

Roma Eastern 66kV OHL Expansion (Roma East FCS & Arcadia Compressor Station) – Santos

The supply of materials and construction of 35km’s of 66kV Overhead Powerlines on Steel Poles feeding the new Arcadia Compressor Station, including 10 x Ergon Energy Crossings and 9 of 66kV x Tee-offs. 235 x poles in total. (2018/2019)

Warwick Solar Farm – (LendLease) – Construction of 2 x 33kV Double Circuit Feeders (Oxygen Conductor/OPGW Earth) on Concrete Poles 7km’s Line Route Total. (2019)

Daunia Powerline Removal – (BHP Billiton) – Removal of power line U/G Cable, removal of power pole insulators and the Air Brake Switch and the removal of 10 concrete and 3 timber poles. (2020)

Sonoma Mine – (QCoal Group) – In Pit Co Disposal Powerline Construction – Installation of 11kV Conductors and OPGW Aerial Earthwire.  Termination of the OHL’s, Trenching, Conduit Installation and Backfilling of the U/G section of 33kV Ergon Energy Undercrossing, Installation, Testing and Terminating of the 11kV 70sqmm U/G Cable Ergon Undercrossing, all OPGW Testing and Splicing works including into the In Pit Feeder Circuit Breaker. (2020)

Collinsville Mine – (Glencore) – Undergrounding of 33kV OHL’s crossing the Haul-road to U/G Cable including all trenching, conduit installation, concreting backfill, cable haul/installation (3 x 240sqmm 1C) cable testing/terminating and reconnection to OHL’s

Byerwen Mine – (Q-Coal) Installation of 1500m 11kV O/H Feeder to new dam inc. 1250A ABS and 500kVA Pole Transformer, install/termination of LV Cables to MCC

Rolleston Coal Mine – Installation of 2 x 66kV Transportable Sub Pads, 66kV OHL’s and recovery of 14 x span of 66kV OHL’s

Blair Athol Mine – Maintenance on 7.5km’s of 66kV OHL’s (Pole replacements, Cross-arm replacements, 66kV ABS Servicing, Construction of 5km’s of New 66kv OHL and Installation of 2 x Transportable Sub Pads. Relocation assistance of the Transportable Sub)

Clermont Mine – Replacement of 4 x 66kV Mine Feeder Poles during 10hr Mine Maintenance Shutdown.

We have a proven track record with 20+yr’s history in the Bowen Basin Mines as one of the most reliable Contractors in the business. We prefer to be a small and concise powerline construction company who gets in, does the job, and gets out, thereby satisfying our clients with a minimum of fuss.

Please feel free to contact any of the following referees:


  • David Lamb – Rio Tinto Senior Chief Project Officer – 0409 471 808
  • Ian Olivier – Santos Electrical Supervisor Upstream QLD Operations – 0409 382 726
  • Bob Plumpton – Plumpton Engineering (HV Auditors) – 0417 196 314
  • Summer Randell – Glencore Open Cut Mine Improvement Supervisor – 0412 375 831
  • Tom Buckley – Rolleston Open Cut Electrical Engineer – 0418 698 639

All personnel are fully trained, Coal Board Medical / WHS-Accredited and Competent and experienced to operate all relevant items of Plant and Equipment.

All items of Plant/Equipment are Queensland Transport and Mine Site Compliant (to BMA Standards!!)

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Should you require any further information or have any queries, please contact.

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