Glencore Testimonial

Essential Energy has confirmed that the new 80U power line has been energised from the Beryl substation today and phase test has been completed and verified as correct.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the L&M Construction team for a jobĀ very well done. The 80U rebuild certainly started with much frustration but once we had the line handed over for construction you managed to pull off the impossible by including the Feeder Swap and Bypass switch into your scope of work in such a tight timeframe without a single safety incident. The long hours and RDO’s that were sacrificed have been noted and are appreciated. I have only received positive feedback from the EE auditors on the workmanship and delivery of this project.

In summary:

169 timber poles and 28km of conductor removed

147 new 24m steel poles and 28km of conductor installed

10 hurdles, road crossings, and 1 rail crossing installed and removed

18 22kV outages

5 timber poles and an ABS bypass switch installed

15 000 hours worked without injury.

I don’t believe I have ever worked with any other power line construction company that could achieve this in 11 construction weeks. Well done and thank you.

Ian Olivier
Electrical Project Coordinator
Coal Assets Australia